Espinosa Science

To create your Turn It In Account--

Go to www.turnitin.com or click here!

On the homepage, click to create account (top right), and select student account.

You will then need to enter your class ID(see below) and an enrollment password--the password for all classes is "Biology". 

You will also set up your unique username and password.

Once your account is created you can view your assignments and upload documents.

Turnitin does NOT accept files from Apple/Mac software such as Pages or Slides.  You can covert your file to a Word doc/PPT, use a school computer that has Word/PPT, use Google Docs, or copy/paste your work directly into turnitin instead of uploading.  Note--copy/pasting only works for text, not graphs or images.  Google Docs is a very cool and easy to use program--you should check it out!

You MUST submit your assignment to turnitin.com.  If you are having trouble you need to ask for help!  Ask a classmate, visit the Santiago Library, or see Mrs. Espinosa (before the due date).

Class ID Codes--

2nd Period--15836924
3rd Period-- 15836931
4th Period-- 15836937

5th Period--15836944
6th Period-- 15836947