Espinosa Science

Science Fair!

Click below for a short Powerpoint Presentation on Science Fair!
Science Fair Projects are 100% optional!

If you'd like to compete in the Science Fair please submit a Science Fair Project Proposal form to Mrs. Espinosa.

Project Proposal Form!
Science Fair Projects are due JANUARY 24th in P200.

Science Fair Projects must include a display board--binders and research reports are only required if you advance to the next level!

Click here for the Rules and Regulations!
Boards can be up to 4 feet wide and 9 feet tall--they must stand on their own (you can add support or an easel if needed, but should stand on table)

What needs to go on your board??

--Your title

--Your Question

--Your Hypothesis

--Materials List

--Detailed Procedure

--Data!! Graphs and charts

--Results--explain your graphs and charts

--Conclusion--answer your original question, confirm or reject your hypothesis

You may include pictures (but no faces) and other information if you have room and want to.  You can organize the board however you wish, there is NOT a required layout/format.
Check back often for more details and a topic ideas!!
Science Fair Topic Ideas

--pick one, alter one, or come up with something new!

*Pain tolerance- test pain tolerance (ice method) across ages, athletes vs. non athletes, boys vs. girls, while screaming or quiet, when tired or not, when pumped up or not, after exercise or not...or???

*Animal Behavior--use our class goldfish, geckos, or something you have at home.  Roly Polys are great to study!  Do they prefer a certain color? Do they prefer a natural looking tank or plain? Do they prefer a certain substrate (soft, rough, no preference)? 

*The Mind!--Mess with the human brain.  Does the color of the paper affect the test results? Does classical music affect the test results? Does sleep affect the test results?  Does the font type affect the mind? Paper test vs. online test?  What else can you think of??

*Plants!-- Lots of plant options!  Soil type affect plant growth? Nitrate level affect plant growth?  Type of water (distilled, bottled, tap) affect growth?  Color of light affect growth? Type of light (natural, incandescent, etc). 

*Rockets!-- Build a water bottle rocket and test...does the length of the bottle affect the distance? Does the angle of launch affect the distance? Does the design/size/number of fins affect the distance?

*Microbiology Projects!-- Hand Sanitizer vs Soap?  Germiest place in your house? In your school?  In your city?? In a restaurant?  Best way to disinfect a toothbrush (rinse? alcohol solution? dishwasher? microwave? UV?)? Is a dog's mouth really cleaner than a humans? Which animal has the dirtiest/most bacteria?

*Senses--who has a more olfactory neurons (sense of smell)?? Men or women?  Kids or adults? good cooks or bad ones??

*Choking under Pressure!-- How different people handle pressure (give a math test with a time limit and then without) vs. women, different ages, athletes vs. not, etc.