Espinosa Science

Quia/Online Homework

To set up your Quia Account, visit 

1) Click on 'create account'
2) Fill in the form, make sure you click on 'student' version...not instructor (if it asks you to pay then you are NOT in the instructor version)
3) Click Create Account and you are all set!

Once you have an account...

1) Enter your class code (listed below...note you need to know your schedule, if you do not yet know which class period you have Mrs. Espinosa, you will need to wait).
2) You will now be able to click on your class and see all available quizzes.

Class Codes:

2nd Period--XBMC769

3rd Period--JDAM993

4th Period--JXED446

5th Period--GCXR499

6th Period--XNN678